New Electric Boilers Added to Concept Range

May 16, 2024

The Concept CBS-EV range of Electric Boilers continues to grow, with a third model recently having received preliminary approval.

As the most powerful Electric Boiler in Australia, the CBS-EV 42-70 is a highly capable and efficient Electric Steam Boiler boasting a maximum 700kW output.

The significant output of the CBS-EV 700kW Electric Steam Boiler is the result of a research and development program nearing four years in duration. Operating at working pressures and kilowatt outputs far higher than any competing product, the CBW-EV 42-70 is positioned at the forefront of electrification technology.

With its substantial power output and high working pressure of 1,100kPa, the CBS-EV 320-70 is ideal for clients seeking to either fully or partially electrify their steam processes currently served by Natural Gas, LPG or Diesel fired boilers. Taking after the CBS-EV 3-9 and CBS-EV 9-42, the boiler is factory-configurable from 420kW to 700kW, enabling manufacturers to take advantage of existing power availability with ample capacity for upgrades in response to increased steam demand. The variable power configuration of the CBS-EV range is also ideal for clients with limitations on electrical capacity in anticipation of an increased electricity supply in the future.

As Australia accelerates towards industrial scale renewable energy, we are continuing to invest in the development of leading Electric steam and hot water production technologies, and the CBS-EV 42-70 is no exception. The latest addition to our range marks a significant improvement to the selection of Electric boilers for large manufacturers in Australia.

Posted on May 16, 2024 by Joe Ritson
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