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Container Solutions

Our Steam Boiler range includes the CBW-50S 500kW Watertube Boiler. It's the perfect size for a Shipping Container Boiler Room, and we offer the on-site fabrication services you need to build a safe, secure and weather sealed system that's easily transportable.
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Maximize your space with our innovative container solutions.
Versatile Applications
Suitable for diverse industrial needs and settings.
Durable & Secure
Constructed for longevity and ensuring the security of the contents.
Custom Configurations
Configurations that align with your operational requirements.
Container Solutions in steam systems offer a flexible, mobile, and compact approach to steam generation and distribution. These solutions, housed in robust containers, can be easily transported, scaled, and deployed, making them ideal for remote operations or temporary demands. Containerized steam solutions come fully equipped, optimized for efficiency, and are designed for quick setup. For industries seeking agility and adaptability, container solutions provide a turnkey approach to steam management.

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Blow Down Vessels

A Blow Down Vessel is an essential piece of gear for any Boiler Installation. Concept's range of Blow Down Vessels are designed for safety and durability, with exceptional Australian manufacturing providing the strength and quality you need for safety and longevity.
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Feed Water Tanks

Our Australian-Made Feed Water Tank is an exceptionally durable, high-quality water storage unit for Steam Boiler Feed Water and Condensate Return. Made from Stainless Steel, our Feed Water Tank is designed to resist corrosion and tolerate high-temperature condensate in harsh industrial locations.
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Neutralizing Tanks

When you need a serious Trade Waste upgrade, choose a custom Concept Neutralizing Tank to give you the capacity and durability you need. Designed to receive caustic or acidic water, our Stainless Tank is the perfect solution for your existing PH detection and adjustment equipment.
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Modular Exhaust Flues

Made from heavy duty Spiral Wound Stainless, our custom Modular Exhaust Flue is designed for ease of transport and installation. We custom-build a flue to suit your Boiler and ship it in several sections before assembling and insulating it on-site. We are also able to arrange roof penetrations, seals and cowl installation.
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Custom Fabrication Projects

Our custom fabrication services are perfect for adding the finishing touches to any Boiler installation. Whether you need a custom forklift-ready skid frame, a custom-made steel riser or a custom feed water tank, we can specify, design and fabricate it right here in Australia.
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