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500KW High Pressure Vertical Watertube Steam Boiler

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A Compact Steam Boiler, Designed for Efficiency.

Australian industry demands efficiency, agility and safety from their equipment. The CBW-50HP High Pressure Vertical Watertube Steam Boiler is designed to perform across the board, saving our clients money and reducing their environmental impact.
Our team sources the highest quality raw materials before building each CBW-50HP High Pressure Vertical Watertube Steam Boiler by hand in Melbourne. The ultra-efficient water tube steam boiler design at the heart of the platform is further enhanced by high-end European burners and pumps, locally manufactured electrical distribution boards and our quality-first approach to fabrication.
Australian Made Steam Boiler System - 500kW
Steam Output
Fuel Consumption
MJ/Hr Nat. Gas
Design Pressure
Steam Temperature
Degrees Celcius

Space-Saving Vertical Boiler Design

The CBW-50HP High Pressure Vertical Watertube Steam Boiler is designed to minimize floor space requirements, providing more space for plant and equipment.
For portable or self-contained layouts, we are able to custom build skid frames to allow for ease of transport or relocation within your facility.
Trusted by Australian Food & Beverage Industry Leaders

Our Steam Boiler Systems are used by Australia's most influential companies, from Food and Beverage to Critical Infrastructure.

Best In Class Efficiency, Performance and Reliability

Concept Watertube Boilers are renowned for reliability and simplicity, and our clients are backed by an expert service team.

Australian Made Quality, Competitive Pricing

Our range is exclusively Made in Australia for shorter lead times, superior quality and far lower environemntal impact


"We rely on our boiler to operate all day, every day and the machine we have from the guys at Concept has not missed a beat.

"You can buy a cheaper imported boiler but you can’t beat the Australian made, built to last workmanship that these guys deliver."

Laurence KainCapital Brewing Co.
Australian Made
Edgemill Distillery2 x CBW-50
Australian Made
Fox Friday Richmond1 x CBW-50
Australian Made
Top Shelf International5 x CBW-50
Australian Made
Deeds Brewing2 x CBW-50
Australian Made
Resturant Linen1 x CBW-50

The Best Steam Boiler for Efficient, Reliable Process Heat

Watertube Boiler Features

Concept Water Tube Steam Boilers are designed to seamlessly integrate with your manufacturing and production processes. Our carefully considered features provide efficiency, durability and flexibility while keeping capital and operational expenses to a minimum.
Water Tube Boiler Design
Safer, More Modern Design
Each CBW-50HP Steam Boiler is fitted with safety features and tested in-house before being inspected and certified by an independent boiler inspector. Because vertical water tube steam boilers distribute steam generation between dozens of tubes, they're safer by design.
High-Quality Fit & Finish
Polished Stainless Finish
We design our Steam Boilers to blend seamlessly with high-tech manufacturing and production equipment. Each boiler is carefully clad in polished stainless steel before being fitted off with precision copper work. The CBW-50 fit and finish is impressively durable, retaining its appeal after years of daily use.
Cascade Link for Flexible Output
Scalable Modular Output
The CBW-50HP is the ultimate choice for future-proof manufacturing. By connecting additional units to an existing compatible steam line, steam output can be increased with your production lowering the cost of scaling and operating your business and avoiding the necessity for dedicated boiler operators.
Energy-Saving Features Built-In
Economic, Efficient
The CBW-50HP High Pressure Vertical Watertube Steam Boiler Steam Boiler is designed and built to reach the maximum achievable design pressures, steam temperatures and output volumes possible, all while satisfying applicable Australian standards.
Less Water, More Surface Area
Rapid Heat-Up
Thanks to the superior efficiency and substantial heating surface of the CBW-50HP boiler design, users experience less wait time and reduced energy spend after the system is restarted.
Minimal Operating Costs
Ease of Use
The CBW-50HP doesn't require specialized training or licensing to operate - all the necessary documentation and instruction is included with each steam boiler. Commissioning is available in our package solutions, making the CBW-50 easy to own and operate from day one.
Grundfos Pressure Pump for Steam Boiler

Reliable Steam Boilers with Industry Leading Pumps and Burners

Quality Materials and Components

Combustion Technology
Reillo® Burners
Advanced burner technology ensures our industry-leading Vertical Watertube Steam Boiler design performs at peak efficiency with lower emissions than ever. In addition to LPG, Natural Gas and Diesel, Concept Boilers are fired with Biodiesel and Renewable fuels in multiple locations across Australia.
Feed Water Supply
Grundfos® Pumps
When your processes depend on steam, a reliable and properly treated water supply is critical. We equip each CBW-50HP with high-quality Feed Water and Water Treatment pumps and injection systems for optimal performance under pressure.
Steel & Raw Materials
Bluescope® Steel
Our Steam Boilers are built with steel from Australian mills and quality certified boiler tube. Our systems are built using quality European welding equipment and high-quality consumables, making outstanding construction quality and environmental sustainability a key feature of our range.
The trademarks of Riello, Grundfos, and Bluescope appearing on this website are the property of their respective owners and are used herein for descriptive purposes only to indicate the components used in the manufacture of our boilers. Our company is an independent manufacturer and our use of these logos does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by the aforementioned companies.
Australian Made

High Quality Steam Boilers That Local Businesses Can Afford

Australian Made, Competitive Pricing

Concept Boiler Systems been building Steam Boilers in Bayswater North for over twenty years. We've built relationships with Melbourne's best trades, suppliers and logistics teams, and invested heavily into our team of dedicated boilermakers, service technicians and designers.

We've worked hard to keep our Australian-Made products competitive - and that means our customers enjoy faster lead times, market-leading quality and the best customer service in the market - all while keeping their projects on-budget.

Comparable Pricing
Our quality Australian Made boiler systems are available at similar price points to imported Steam Boilers.
Built to Australian Standards
We don't cut corners. Our Steam Boilers are built in Australia to stringent safety standards.
Personalized Service
You'll deal with the same team who manufactures the systems and benefit from a wealth of expert knowledge.

In-House Trades, Trusted Partnerships

Mechanical Services
By maintaining an extensive network of mechanical services trades and suppliers, we ensure quality and consistency while keeping lead times to a minimum.
Electrical & Data
We take safety seriously - that's why the switchboards and circuits that co-ordinate the Burner, Pumps and Alert Systems of the CBW-50HP High Pressure Vertical Watertube Steam Boiler are hand-wired in Bayswater.
Transport & Logistics
Because we manufacture locally, we aren't affected by shipping delays, customs inspections or supplier capacity that other boiler manufacturers encounter.
CAD Design & Simulation
Our qualified boilermakers work alongside our in-house design team to draft, test and perfect our products. Every boiler is precision built to perform efficiently and to specification.
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