Steam Boiler Manufacturers in Australia

Steam Boiler Hire

Steam Boilers for Hire Australia Wide — Electric, LPG, Natural Gas and Diesel

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Portable Steam Boiler Hire
Our Steam Boilers for Hire come in convenient, self-contained skid frame mounted packages with everything you need to get started straight away - simply add fuel and water to get started with your connected equipment, with packages from 150kW to 500kW available.
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Diesel Steam Boiler Rental
Utilize grid and solar energy for steam generation and fulfill efficiency and market requirements with ease. Our Electric Boiler Systems are locally manufactured in Australia, and built to your generation specifications.
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Electric Boiler Hire
Our zero-emission Electric Boiler Rental is the perfect solution for customers seeking a green energy solution or those with emissions restrictions. Simply connect the Electric Boiler Hire package to a suitable power source and add treated water to get started.
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Shipping Container Boiler Hire
If you're looking to build a temporary self-contained, weather sealed Boiler Room, we've got the ultimate solution. Our 500kW Low Profile Steam Boiler Hire package is designed specifically to suit a 20ft High Cube container with minimal modifications required.
Australian Made

Portable Steam Boiler Hire Australia

Portable, Self-Contained Boiler System Rental

Our fleet of Steam Boilers for Hire includes skid-mounted 150kW, 300kW and 500kW Gas and Diesel Boilers and a zero-emission Electric Boiler for hire.

Simply add a fuel and power source, add water, connect your equipment and fire the boiler to get started.

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Steam Boiler Rental Requirements - What You Need On Site

Steam Boiler Rental Fleet

Australian Made
CBE-9 Electric
90kW Portable Steam Boiler for Hire
Green Energy Ready
90 kW
Total Power
145 kg/hr
Steam Output
130A 240/415V
Power Supply

Advanced electric unit with an ultra-compact footprint. Our Electric Boiler Hire Package is an ideal Green Energy Solution and requires a single 3-Phase outlet. Take advantage of Rooftop Solar or Storage to power your steam appliances with Zero POI Emissions.

100kW Portable Steam Boiler for Hire
Integrated Storage Tank
100 kW
Total Power
155 kg/hr
Steam Output
10A 240V
Power Supply

Our smallest Diesel boiler package features excellent output, low heat-up time and an integrated fuel and water storage system in an ultra-compact package.

150kW Portable Steam Boiler for Hire
Integrated 250L Tank
150 kW
Total Power
230 kg/hr
Steam Output
240V 10A
Power Supply

Fast to set-up and use with excellent size to power ratio. Fully integrated unit with minimal on-site requirements.

300kW Portable Steam Boiler for Hire
Integrated 250L Fuel Tank
300 kW
Total Power
468 kg/hr
Steam Output
10A 240V
Power Supply

Features a simple one-piece skid frame for easy transport and quick set-up. Features self-contained 250L fuel and water tanks, integrated burner weather shield and powerful Grundfos feed water pump.

500kW Portable Steam Boiler for Hire
1000L Tank Available for Hire
500 kW
Total Power
775 kg/hr
Steam Output
10A 240V
Power Supply

Designed for a 20ft High Cube Container with minimal modifications required. Flue seal to fit 500mm x 500mm roof cutout available. Features a two piece bolt-together construction for ease of transport and installation.

Cost-Effective & Sustainable

Self-Contained Steam Boiler Hire Fleet

Our fleet of Self-Contained Steam Boilers for Hire is based in Melbourne with nationwide deployment options.

Whether you're looking for a Steam Boiler for a remote or regional facility, Boiler Rental in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide or Brisbane, or a Portable Boiler for Road Construction, we have the option for you.

Electric Steam Boilers for Rent

We offer options for zero-emissions Electric Boilers as well as efficient low-emission Natural Gas, LPG and Biofuel Boiler Systems. We're actively researching Hydrogen blend fuels and other emerging technologies.

But emissions don't just come from the flue. Our Steam Boilers are made in Australia, so the embodied energy in our systems is minimized through extensive use of rooftop solar on our factory.

Flexible Steam Boiler Rental Terms

Our business model has always focused on domestic value-added manufacturing, using locally sourced materials wherever possible.

By international standards, our manufacturing process is exceptionally clean, safe and low-impact. When you purchase a Concept Boiler, you're investing in a true Australian Made product.