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Electric Steam Boilers

Electric Boilers for Green Energy Production with Zero Emissions

Efficient, High Quality Electric Boilers

Our range of Electric Steam Boilers features power outputs from 90kW to 500kW across out compact and variable configurations. Our ultra-compact 90kW Electric Boiler is designed for reliability, efficiency and ease of use, while our 120kW to 500kW Variable Output Electric Steam Boiler can be factory configured to your desired power output. Whether you're seeking to maximise Rooftop Solar for your Steam Boiler to create a Green Energy Boiler configuration or you require a Zero Emissions Boiler for an inner-city or underground Boiler Room, our Electric Boiler may just be the answer.

Variable Output Configuration

Concept Electric Boilers feature a factory-configurable power output, allowing customization of the power consumed and output by your boiler. Some configurations can be upgraded in the future to accomodate business expansion.
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High Quality Steam Boilers

Australian Made, Competitive Pricing

Concept Boiler Systems been building Steam Boilers in Bayswater North for over twenty years. We've built relationships with Melbourne's best trades, suppliers and logistics teams, and invested heavily into our team of dedicated boilermakers, service technicians and designers.

We've worked hard to keep our Australian-Made products competitive - and that means our customers enjoy faster lead times, market-leading quality and the best customer service in the market - all while keeping their projects on-budget.

Australian Made