Industrial Steam Pipe

Industrial Pipe Manufacturing & Installation in Melbourne

Our custom steel pipe is manufactured on-site or in our Melbourne factory with industry leading connections and valves. Our pipe systems range from high pressure mild steel pipe for steam line in a factory, to stainless steel culinary steam pipe - perfect for providing culinary grade steam or running glycol lines in a brewery.

Our engineers are also able to fabricate custom exhaust flue pipe for boilers or other industrial equipment. Contact us for a quote on a steam line, culinary steam pipe or brewhouse hookup today.

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Boiler Flue Pipe

We manufacture custom boiler flue pipe to fit all makes and models of Boiler System. Each pipe is built from high grade steel, and Concept can even provide lagging and insulation to ensure maximum safety.

Steam & Condensate

Built with premium Mild Steel & Stainless Steel components, our Steam and Condensate lines feature premium valves and fittings with master workmanship to ensure a leak free steam system that delivers maximum return on investment.

Glycol Chilling Line

We've worked with over twenty breweries from set up to brew day. Concept have the experience and equipment to connect Glycol Chilling systems to brewhouses, and are skilled in the connection and use of heat exchangers.

Custom Industrial Pipe

Australian Industrial Pipe Manufacturers

A safe, custom-made Industrial Pipe solution that's manufactured locally in Melbourne. We're experts in Custom Industrial Pipe as well as Insulation & Lagging. We've installed custom pipe systems in Breweries, Food Production Facilities and Pharmaceutical factories around Victoria & Australia.

Every Industrial Pipe System is welded on site or in our Melbourne Factory, manufactured from premium materials and to exact specifications by qualified boilermakers.

Pipe Insulation & Lagging in Melbourne

Keep your equipment and staff safe, and ensure maximum efficiency with Pipe Lagging Installation by Concept Boiler Systems.

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Industrial Pipe for Boiler Exhaust

Premium Valves & Fully Welded Pipes.

We use high end Japanese built valves and fittings in our pipe systems for maximum reliability and precision.

Each custom industrial mild steel pipe is hand-welded for absolute protection against leakage, and all our stainless steel connections use premium, high grade steel and seals to ensure a longer lasting, more reliable connection.


Stainless Pipe for Culinary Steam.

We've got the gear, experience and qualifications to connect vast stainless steel pipe systems for use in Food & Brewing.

With an ideal application in culinary steam, our Stainless Pipe systems use high quality, long life connections and feature high quality lagging for maximum pipe insulation - whether you're keeping glycol cool, or condensate hot.

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