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Steam Boiler Manufacturing, Rental & Installation in Melbourne

Concept Boiler Systems have been manufacturing Australia's best Steam Boiler systems for over twenty years in Bayswater, Victoria. With decades of experience and expertise in steam critical industries like Brewing, Distilling, Laundry and Pharmaceuticals, we have a fully developed steam system solution for all industries.

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    Steam Boiler Repair Melbourne

    Steam Boiler Systems

    We build steam boiler systems to suit facilities that require up to 500kW of steam energy, while our smallest Steam Boiler provides 50kW of energy. We can scale your system anywhere between to ensure efficiency.

    Steam Boilers Australia

    Steam Pipe & Condensate Line

    Built with premium Mild Steel & Stainless Steel components, our Steam and Condensate lines feature premium valves and fittings with master workmanship to ensure a leak free steam system that delivers maximum return on investment.

    Boiler Systems

    Service & Maintenence

    With a dedicated team of Boilermakers and Service Engineers, we ensure that every boiler under our watch is well maintened and that any faults are fixed rapidly, minimising downtime and maximising productivity.



    See Inside Our Australian-Made Steam Boiler Workshop

    We're committed to building the highest quality Steam Boiler Systems in Australia that are reliable and build-to-last. That's why we still do it right here in Bayswater.


    The only Boiler System in Australia that's built to scale.

    When you need more steam with less overheads, choose Concept Boiler Systems. Head into MOON DOG WORLD and take a look for yourself.

    • Unattended Boiler Design

      Skip the overheads and extra paperwork and keep your system within legal unattended boiler specifications.

    • Hand Built in Australia

      While other suppliers are caught up modifying imported boilers to comply with Australian standards, we're figuring out how to make our 100% Australian Made boiler system even better.

    • Unmatched Experience

      We're adding a new Craft Brewery, Commercial Laundry or Food Processing Plant to our records every week. Nobody can match our experience, attention to detail and quality of product.

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    Steam Boiler

    Australian Made Steam Boilers

    This is the system that's powering Independent Craft Brewers and Distillers across the country.
    The CBW-X is an Australian Made Steam Boiler System. It's scalable so that you can install multiple units to expand your system, and it comes in a full range of generation capacities. Every component of the Boiler core is built by hand in Australia by our small team of qualified boilermakers, who take pride in their work and ensure that every weld and rivet is perfect.
    Our Products
    Melbourne Steam Boiler Manufacturer

    Boiler Service & Maintenence

    Regular boiler maintenance service keeps your company compliant with AS3873 and AS2593 standards, while ensuring maximum safety on site.
    Our maintenance is carried out by the same Boiler Engineers who build our Australian made Boiler Systems. That means we're familiar in every last detail of your system, Concept or otherwise.
    Boiler Service
    Boiler Pipe & Installation

    Boiler & Pipe Installation

    Concept's experienced Boilermakers have installed Boiler Systems in Brewing, Food Production, Industrial and Pharmaceutical facilities across Australia.
    With all the necessary qualifications to work under strict safety and quality controlled environments, our team can install any system, anywhere.

    "We rely on our boiler to operate - all day, every day and the machine we have from the guys at Concept has not missed a beat. You can buy a cheaper imported boiler but you can’t beat the Australian made, built to last workmanship that these guys deliver."

    Laurence Kain  //  Capital Brewing Co.


    Australian Boiler Manufacturers

    Our customers are leaders of their fields, and they require reliable and efficient boiler systems to produce their products.
    With an aggressive commitment to our quality of work, we know that every Concept Boiler System out there is as good as it gets.
    We pride ourselves on our experience and expertise in the Boiler Engineering Industry. With a wide range of boilers, pressure vessels and piping as well as an array of related ancillary items, we provide a full installation and commission service to ensure a complete turn-key finished project.
    Our Products
    Boilers for Craft Breweries

    Industrial Steam Boiler Systems

    We specialize in tailoring a boiler system to your requirements. When you order a Concept Boiler System, we consult with you throught the project, ensuring the final product performs to the most precise standards.

    Where many importers only offer a one size fits all solution to their customers, Concept create highly specialized and unique systems that save the client money, time and stress.

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    Boilers Australia - Boiler Systems manufacturerd in Australia

    Our Clients

    • Craft Brewing

      Our Australian Engineered Boilers facilitate the fermentation and distillation process of Australia’s finest Craft Beer Breweries.

    • Wine Making

      An essential tool for Sterilization and Bacteria Control in the Winemaking Industry, where yield and quality control are paramount.

    • Distilleries

      Integral to the process of efficiently distilling fine spirits, our Boiler Systems are the core of some of Australia’s finest new-age Gin, Whiskey and Rum producers.

    • Food Production

      Concept Systems perform brilliantly in a range of Culinary applications including sterilization, distillation, extraction, drying and ripening.

    • Paper & Sugar Mills

      Built to produce the steam necessary for the Milling industry, our Boilers are ideal for steaming, boiling, drying and shaping – and perfect for the Paper and Sugar milling industries.

    • Bakeries

      Our Boilers are used in commercial Baking Ovens, Proof Boxes and other Food & Bakery Equipment.

    • Agriculture

      Steam heat is one of the most economical and reliable form of greenhouse heating and sterilization for commercial agricultural facilities.

    • Government

      We've provided boilers to Law Enforcement, Education and other Public Sector facilities for a range of applications.

    • Construction

      Popular choice for low-emissions, carbon effective manufacturing in the Construction Materials industry.

    • Health Care

      Built to endure the rigorous quality demanded in Australian Hospitals and perfectly suited to Sterilization, Heating and Water operations.

    • Laundry

      Essential for the efficient operation of Dry Cleaning and Laundry facilities in Domestic and Government environments.

    • Pharmaceutical

      Delivering Hygiene Integrity, reducing Air Pollutants, and maximizing Steam Cycle Performance in the Pharmaceutical Industry.