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Steam Boilers for Craft Beer, Agriculture & Distilleries

Specialized Boiler Technology

Concept Boiler Systems was founded in 2001 by boiler entrepreneur Andrew Gillespie. We’re a global design, manufacturing and servicing business specializing in Boilers for Craft Beer, Agriculture, Culinary and more.

Concept Boiler Systems prides themselves on their high level of experience and expertise in the boiler engineering industry. With a wide range of boilers, pressure vessels and piping as well as an array of related ancillary items, Concept Boiler Systems also provide a full installation and commission service to ensure a complete Turn-Key finished project.

With a complete commitment to their quality of work, each project is handled with complete diligence to achieve an outstanding result.

Craft Beer knows us.

Australia’s finest Craft Brewers use Concept Steam Boilers.
We’re a comprehensive Boiler Engineering and Service Solution, backed by Australian Manufacturing.

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Australian Engineering

We recognize the elements that create the most innovative designs, and our designs ensure the maximum return on investment for your project.

Precision Manufacturing

We’ve got a range of Products in stock, or we can Customize our designs and build them to fit your Project Requirements.

Service & Maintenence

We don’t just Manufacture our boilers locally – we provide full annual Strip Down services, prescribed regular maintenance, and a comprehensive breakdown service for all makes and models of Boiler.

The Concept Upright Boiler

The Concept Vertical Watertube Steam Boiler is exceptional in its class. Featuring a Compact Design, Rapid Heat Up, High Efficiency and Ease of Operation. It is designed and manufactured to AS1228 Standards and meets the requirements of AS2593 for Unattended Operation.

Concept Vertical Systems are installed in the biggest names in the Brewing, Health Care and Culinary fields – providing them with efficient, reliable, Australian-Made steam solutions.

  • Vertical Design with Minimal Floor Space

  • Three Pass Design for Exceptional Effeciency

  • Steam-Ready in under Twenty Minutes

  • Level Probes within Boiler Steam Drum

  • Polished Stainless Steel Casing

  • Lifting Lugs for ease of Maneuvering and Transport

  • Rated to 1000kPa Pressure

  • Extra Large Steam Drum

  • Hydro-statically Tested and Inspected


Our Australian Engineered Boilers facilitate the fermentation and distillation process of Australia’s finest Craft Beer Breweries.


Integral to the process of efficiently distilling fine spirits, our Boiler Systems are the core of some of Australia’s finest new-age Gin, Whiskey and Rum producers.


An essential tool for Sterilization and Bacteria Control in the Winemaking Industry, where yield and quality control are paramount.


Delivering Hygiene Integrity, reducing Air Pollutants, and maximizing Steam Cycle Performance in the Pharmaceutical Industry.


Essential for the efficient operation of Dry Cleaning and Laundry facilities in Domestic and Government environments.

Health Care

Built to endure the rigorous quality demanded in Australian Hospitals and perfectly suited to Sterilization, Heating and Water operations.


Popular choice for low-emissions, carbon effective manufacturing in the Construction Materials industry.

Sugar & Paper Milling

Built to produce the steam necessary for the Milling industry, our Boilers are ideal for steaming, boiling, drying and shaping – and perfect for the Paper and Sugar milling industries.


Years of experience in the fundamental requirements for any commercial Meat Production Facility.


Steam heat is one of the most economical and reliable form of greenhouse heating and sterilization for commercial agricultural facilities.


Outstanding performance in a range of Culinary applications including sterilization, distillation, extraction, drying and ripening.


Our Boilers are used in commercial Baking Ovens, Proof Boxes and other Food & Bakery Equipment.

Craft Beer Experts

With over Thirty Five years in the industry, it’s no wonder that Concept Boiler Systems are highly acclaimed in the Boiler Industry. With humble beginnings in Melbourne, Victoria, the Concept Boiler team has grown to meet the demands of the pressure vessel industry and worked with a vast variety of industries both interstate and internationally, providing new and growing businesses with complex custom steam requirements.

Agricultural Efficiency Solutions

We’ve deployed our products into Vineyards, Abattoirs, Sugar Mills, Fruit & Nut Farms and Nurseries, to name a few. There’s countless uses for steam in agriculture, from a cleaner, more efficient and coal-free energy source to sterilization of produce and equipment.

Build a more efficient Agricultural system with a tailor-made solution from Concept Boiler Systems.